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Puzzles and Novelties

What could be more special or
FUN then a personalized puzzle?
Our puzzles come in a variety
of shapes and sizes.

How about some of our customized
key chains, ID tags, pet tags
or light switch covers?

All of which make great gifts!
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Round Puzzle
Round Puzzle - 24 piece
6.7" circle
All the puzzles on this page
have a hardboard (masonite)
backing for durability.
Light Switch Cover with a Soccer Ball
Round Light Switch Cover
5" round
Roound Key Tags
Round and Rectangular Key Tags
are printable on both sides.
Round key tag is 2-1/2" diameter
Rectangular key tag is 1-1/4" x 3"

Rectangular Key Tag
Three Light Switch covers
60 Pievce rectangular puzzle Rectangular Puzzle - 60 piece
6.81" x 9.81"
Pet Tags - Four Different Shapes General Use/Pet Tags
Round, Bone, Fire Hydrant,
and Heart Shape
printable on one side
Each of these puzzles comes with a
clear plastic presentation case.
Blank Heart Shaped Puzzle
Heart Shaped Puzzle
23 piece
6.7" wide
Four ID TagsID Tags
Aluminum - printable on one side
1-1/8" x 1-7/8"
Round Puzzle with TrainRound Puzzle
24 piece
6.7" circle
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Puzzle - 30 Piece Rectabgle
Rectangular Puzzle
30 Piece
6.81" x 9.81"
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